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6x Eros Now Plus & Premium - SHARED ONLY


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Eros Now gives you unlimited access to exciting Bollywood entertainment right at home, on your time.

So you can explore different hit movies, new releases, and classics every month. Plus, enjoy music and behind-the-scenes videos.

Bollywood, Hindi, Tamil and regional Indian movies, TV shows, originals and music videos.
And, as a bonus, this South Asian VOD service also lets you listen to official soundtracks drawn from top Bollywood movies.




ATTN commenters on Eros Now: @Sagarmatha, @Shourya, @akshsha, @KHAN3210, @jasyurico8, @Fire_Candy,

@lowkey, @shohan8957, @bantixforce, @Rakshith, @khan004, @h2o


NOTE: Try with and without USA VPN. You may need to connect by VPN to a USA server for this to work


Please don't change anything in the account.
Use it as the decent guest or visitor that you are. Let's all share.


6x Eros Now Plus & Premium - SHARED ONLY

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