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26 minutes ago, KHAN3210 said:

Haha... thanks for sharing..Tik tok banned in my country ?

oh that's too bad bro

18 minutes ago, TKD said:

Pasilip po hahaha

sige lang po lods

6 minutes ago, jaejae said:


avoid commenting with one word only and less than 9 characters po para di ma-warningan

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Just now, Bea said:

Pasilip idol hahaha


Just now, Luna said:

Patingen po haha. Thanks for sharing


2 minutes ago, washimaler said:

pasilip lods, Thanks for sharing!


3 minutes ago, SHOURYA said:

Thank you for sharing @Tzuyu?

Thank you for sharing @Tzuyu?

you're all welcome. sanaol tictokerist

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13 minutes ago, akshsha said:

I hate tiktok :P But my sister loves it very much.

I don't use it as well, we all have our own preferences after all.

10 minutes ago, boyshongke said:

pa try po salamat


9 minutes ago, exodus said:

patingin po


1 minute ago, Gecarls said:

Thanks for sharing idol 

welcome po sa inyo

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1 hour ago, Ye-jun said:

Thanks for sharing


1 hour ago, Duds0708 said:

pasilip muna


54 minutes ago, Iamaravind said:

Thank u so much


29 minutes ago, Kartik_gg said:

Thank you for sharing with us 


15 minutes ago, Unniee said:

Thanks @Tzuyufor sharing this with us 

welcome mga lods, pabalato na lang haha

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