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UPDATE 8/21/20: Streaming Accounts Part 7 (Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, Crunchyroll, HBOMax)

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45 minutes ago, YiYahhh said:

ayun salamat po. 


@Cosmic meron po pasabit saken si jojo pero may nag palit ng pass kaya wala na po ako ngayon


32 minutes ago, Philip said:

@Cosmic i don't have netflix acc right now. Can I access one? Thank you


32 minutes ago, theprofessor_truman said:

Pashare naman po ng netflix account mam @Cosmic mae


32 minutes ago, KrixxtineSpe said:

@Cosmic I highly request for netflix access mam. Thnks! ?


30 minutes ago, savage_dans said:

Thanks for sharing @Cosmic I need netflix because the last account I won is not active now


21 minutes ago, Pertzzz said:

Hello maam @Cosmic pa share naman po ng netflix. Wala na kasi yung binigay ni sir Daniel, may nag change email/pass ata hindi na ma access. Salamat po.


15 minutes ago, KLM said:

Hi Sir @Cosmic dont have netflix account


6 minutes ago, Wilburine said:

Pa share po lods @Cosmic, na expire na Netflix ko po





I checked, and some of you are REAL spammers. So you might wanna check the forum rules first before you get warnings or penalty points.


Also, this is a shared account so no one shall put a profile pin, edit the profile names, or change the password. 


I'll be sending the account now.



Thanks! :)

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7 minutes ago, rrjaypatungan said:

Me po @Cosmic i don't have netflix account..thanks po??


5 minutes ago, Hustla said:

Mukhang na wipe out po yung netflix namin. O kaya may nakialam na naman. Hope mam na makasali  sa share ac ount ng netflix


12 minutes ago, HIRAN said:

@cosmic I need an account please

Okay, i will add you too. ^^

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thank you so much


3 hours ago, Cosmic said:

PART  7 of All-in-one Streaming Accounts:

- 1x Hulu Account

- 1x Showtime Account

- 1x Crunchyroll Account

- 1x HBOMax Account

- 1x Netflix Account





- These are SHARED ACCOUNTS for Benlotus members

- No changing of passwords or emails please. 




[email protected]




[email protected]




[email protected]




[email protected]





If you already have a solo or shared account, do not request access for this netflix account.


If you dont have netflix access yet, mention me in your comment and request access. I will send you the SHARED NETFLIX ACCOUNT via group message.

- No changing of Profile names

- No adding Profile Pins

- No changing of PASSWORD




need a netflix account mam

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