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5 hours ago, Techies07 said:

sir Babyboo ung bigay nyo sakin ayaw po gumana help nmn po 


4 hours ago, fuccboii55 said:

pa hinge din po ako Ty po 


4 hours ago, Khaopytic said:

Pasali na rin sir haha


Wait for. My pm

6 hours ago, Techies07 said:

ako po 


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6 hours ago, Mongkee said:

pafs psali po


6 hours ago, genjoshmac said:

boss ako din po :D


1 hour ago, Techies07 said:

sir Boo hnd ko nmn po magamit ung bigay nyo FINISH SIGN UP NAKA LAGAY 

Done na pm sent ko na pa ss nalng dito sa mga nakatanggap. hehehe

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