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  1. Ohh they created a page named "Taber Automotive" on my account. They place ads there and profit off of it.
  2. i mean a new one? before my account got activated, they created an ads page in my account where they will post their ads. you're welcome po
  3. sure po lods, go na po have you kep emailing them every day in order to expedite the verification? I don't know why it's taking so long for you to get verified as well. but just keep waiting, it says that it might take up to a month. is there a page that was created in your facebook account already? you're welcome
  4. did you follow all the steps? that's so sad to hear because on my case it's verified 3-5 days only. I'm sorry to hear that
  5. you're welcome po legit na legit po. check po yung proof of cahsout HAHAHAAHAH chance mo na yan master
  6. #4 @Cosmic thank you po ma'am mae sa sponsor
  7. Thanks sa pa-giveaway and also sa sponsor
  8. ikaw na mais, autowin ka na dyan. lapag mo na yung mga palaro mo
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