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Brainscape lifetime bin

Ito sa mga gusto ng brainscape may nag post kasi ng lifetime account kaya kung sino man hindi nakaabot gwa nlng kayo 

Ito ang bin. 



Bin : 4213450828xxxxxx
IP: No vpn



How to use bin ito tutorial 

      🎁How to use BINs?🎁
🎭First of all, a BIN is nothing but the first 6 digits of a cc.

🎭What you need to do using BIN is to generate some credit cards and check which of them are live and which of them are dead.

🎭You need to use only live credit cards for carding etc.

🎭Don't forget to share our channel.

🎭As you can see in most of the BINs, IP of specific region will be mentioned.

🎭Now connect to that city/place using a VPN service.
It's always recommend to use paid VPN service like HMA/EXPRESS/NORD VPN Etc.

🎭For Example, if the IP mentioned is NewYork, then connect to NEWYORK server using VPN.

🎭Now all you need to do is to generate cc. 

🎭There are many sites which generates cc, but I use only one site. That is https://ke1.nl/vpnclub/ccgen/.
The above mentioned site is a free site and there are also paid services. 

🎭Now go to the above mentioned site and fill the bin details and tick on ccv2 checkbox and select the no.of cards you want to generate. And then click on generate.

🎭Now, you will get a list of cards and their credentials like CVV, exp date. 

🎭It's time to check which are live and which are dead.

🎭Dont believe all cc check sites bcoz some sites will redirect the live CCs to some people and they show you that cc is dead. So always use this site. https://ke1.nl/vpnclub/checker/.

🎭Now go to that site and paste all the cc details that you have copied earlier.

🎭Now click on check. Now it shows the list of live and dead CCs. 

🎭Now make use of only live CCs. 

🎭Some BINs mention the websites like Netflix, Prime Video, Crunchyroll, Deezer etc. 

🎭It means that those cards work only in those sites.

🎭Now go to that particular website as mentioned in the BIN and let the VPN be connected and create account or buy products.

🎭This is how to use BINs. 


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Any Available bin ? PM if binebenta. Can''t generate live these past few days, kainis.

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