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  1. Fund Raising for a cause


    Hi guys! Our classmate Ate Jean Horilla is currently admitted at Bernardino Hospital due to infection and kidney complications cause by her Lupus and Cellulitis.  She is in great need of financial assistance for her medication. We would like to ask for your help and support. Your prayers would be a great help. 

    For your donations, you may transfer it thru GCASH Account provided. Any amount would be appreciated.


    Thank you and may God bless you!




    1. LeeEunbi


      Sending her prayers of healing. Hoping she find strength to get better and stronger. 

  2. Oo nandyan master Welcome y'all ❤
  3. Welcome haha Wala po kasi akong pc kaya di ko matry ma'am
  4. Welcome Ikaw yung master ko hahaha
  5. NETFLIX MOD APK Premium Unlocked No need Subscription No need to login HD & UHD enable React ❤ nyo nadin tong post ko. Then follow para mag notif sa inyo kapag may new post ako. #BenlotusLangMalakas
  6. Grabe master talaga haha. Thankyou for sharing
  7. hi po bigyan nyo naman po ako  Free Netflix account please 


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    2. JonSnow


      @Ednalyn comment ka muna sa forum rules po. Dapat may 1 content ka. 

    3. Professor


      Need po ng 1content count para makapag comment sa may freestuff:giveaway. Read nyo po yung mga rules then magcomment kayo dun para makacomment na kayo sa post ko

    4. Ednalyn


      Ah ok po thank you

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