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  1. Dapat bang pumunta para sa mga deal na ito? https://lindavpnjournal.blogspot.com/2019/11/vpn-deals-and-coupons-2019-2020.html
  2. I will be visiting Philippines shortly and someone told me about Globe TM. I was searching about it and came to know I also need a VPN. WOuld these freebies for Globe work? or I have to buy a premium service? I have to watch Netflix Australia and some other Australian channels. TIA Regards.
  3. Hi, I am Tina from Melbourne.
  4. Hi, I am to visit Manila PH in the holidays of Christmas and new year. Currently I am in Melbourne Australia. Can you suggest the best places to visit in Manila. I would have hardly one week out of which I would have 3-4 days to enjoy in the Philippines places. I don't know Filipino language that's why I am posting this topic in English language. Thanks in Advance.
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