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  1. Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5w14nfhz5...tpv06AHxa?dl=1Tutorial0. Pagka extract nyo ng B315.zip ilagay nyo sa Desktop yung folder na B315 or yung output file na lumabas pagka extract.1. Iopen ang folder na B315 na nasa desktop.2. Iopen ang ADB DRIVERS na folder.3. Iright click ang DriverSetup at iclick ang Run as administrator.4. Para malaman kung tapos na mainstall ang drivers, iopen ang task manager at hanapin kung nandun pa ang process na DriverSetup. Kapag wala na ang DriverSetup na process means tapos na mainstall ang drivers.5. Balik ulit kayo sa folder na B315 at iopen ang HUAWEI DRIVERS.6. Gawin nyo ulit ang step 4 at step 5.7. Balik ulit kayo sa folder na B315 at iopen ang usbfix iOK/Yes nyo lang yung lalabas or mag popopup.8. Iready nyo na ang Device Manager para malaman nyo kung naka plug na talaga ang modem via usb port.9. Gawin nyo ang needle method, or yung apat na soldered sa harap ng modem na pagdidikitin sa baba.10. Isaksak ang adaptor habang nakadikit ang dalawa, kapag umilaw, ulitin nyo ang step 9. Kapag hindi na umilaw means success ang pagdikit nyo sa apat na soldered na nasa baba.11. Isaksak ang USB Connector at icheck sa Device Manager > Ports kung lalabas ang HUAWEI Mobile Connect. (Take note, lalabas lang ito kapag success na ang needle method or yung pagdikit natin sa soldered ng modem.)12. Iopen ang 0.B315s-936 Erase NVRAM at ipress ang Number 3 at Enter.13. Kapag lumabas na ang Waiting for the device, icheck nyo sa Device Manager kung lalabas ang Android Phone tapos Android ADB Interface.14. Kapag lumabas na ang Android Phone at Android ADB Interface, press Enter, kapag lumabas ulit ang Script completed all task, press Enter ulit.15. Tanggalin ang USB Connector at adaptor kapag nag close na ang 0.B315s-936 Erase NVRAM.16. Isaksak ulit ang Adaptor at USB Connector.17. Icheck sa Device Manager > Ports kung lalabas ang HUAWEI Mobile Connect.18. Iopen ang 1.Balong_USB_Loader_1. Hintayin mag 100% ang usbboot tapos ienter para magclose ang 1.Balong_USB_Loader_1. Icheck sa Device Manager > Ports kung lalabas ang tatlong HUAWEI Mobile Connect.21. Iopen ang B315s-22_Update_21.321.03.00.00_M_AT_04.10, at iclick ang Start.22. Malalaman nyo na nag uupdate na ang modem kapag ang led ay naging apat.23. Kapag naging isa nalang ang led at nawala na ang mga ports sa Device Manager, tanngalin nyo na ang USB Connector at Adaptor ng modem.24. Isaksak nyo lang ang adaptor. Hintayin nyo magkaroon ng signal ang wifi at network.25. Success na ang RECOVERY/REPAIR/UNBRICK ng B315 nyo.26. Iopen nyo sa browser nyo ang admin page. Username: admin Password: admin
  2. This guide shows how to backup the cracked app from your iDevice to PC using iFunbox into IPA format. (Windows)NOTE: This guide is for Jailbroken iDevice Only Step 1 Download iFunbox HERE and extract the iFunbox.exe from zipped file.Step 2 Connect your iDevice into PC and Run the iFunbox.exe file.Step 3 Select the User Applications Under your iDevice Profile.Step 4 Choose what app would you like to backup. Right Click the app and Select Backup to IPA package...Step 5 Save the app in what directory your want. Wait to finish the processStep 6 The app has been saved into your PC
  3. Config for PC/Laptop using SVL InjectorHow to use SVL config for PC (Not available at the moment.. Soon gagawa ako..) 1. Download and install muna ang SVL Injector for PC (google nyo na lang.. sa sourcefourge ko yata nakita yun)2. Pagkainstall ng SVL Injector, download and extract files na naka-attach din sa ibaba..3. Pagka-extract ng mga files.. double click yung file para maimport sa SVL Injector..4. Pagka tapos maimport may lalabas na error message "Config not supported blah blah.." okay lng yun wag nyo na pansinin.. Click Start button then wait til connected sa status.. Check mo kung nakaka-browse, download ka na.. OK na.NOTE: Ingat sa SimCard Blocking.. Limit lang natin ang usage sa 2gb to 3gb para sure na tuloy ang ligaya!How to use the config:1. Download and install KTR APK (nasa baba naka attach)2. Import our KTR Config (naka attach sa baba)3. After mo ma-import ang config, hanapin ang settings.. by default, walang check ang SSH Tunnel kaya lagyan ng check..4. Optional ito number 4.. kung gusto mo lagyan ng check din yung "Data Compression" at lagyan ng "m.google. com" yung Url Pinger.. (Dagdag stability ng connection"5. Click Start and Enjoy!
  4. Yes you read it right, you can now create website of your own with a Registered Domain for Free and hosted by your own name server or with those free web hosting sites such as (infinity free, 000webhost and many more) to be discuss later on. You can now create website of your own with registered free domain using some basic tools and a little technical knowledge to make your awesome Blog, Website or Web Channel. It will be an advantage for a website owner to have a technical knowledge regarding on back end and front end coding but well then sometimes it is not necessary if you only wanted to blog and putting a simple designs and adjustment on it.5 Steps to Create Website of your Own Domain Name (Choose a Good Domain name, a domain name that reflects to your niche). Hosting Site. This will be the body or your control panel or control center of everything you do with your site such as the Database and the FTP Servers with it’s own explorer. Register an account to one of these hosting websites for free. Choose from here for Top 5 most trusted and recommended Free Web Hosting: Infinity Free: Bandwidth: Unlimited GB | Disk Space: Unlimited GB | Ads: No | Panel: Proprietary | MySQL Databases: 3 | Website: 1 | E-mail accounts: 10 | Domain hosting: yes | FTP: Yes 000WebhostBandwidth: 100GB | Disk Space: 1.5-5GB | Ads: No | Panel: Cpanel | MySQL Databases: 2 | Website: 1 | E-mail accounts: 5 | Domain hosting: yes | FTP: Yes Awardspace: Bandwidth: 5GB | Disk Space: 1GB | Ads: No | Panel: Proprietary | MySQL Databases: 1 | Website: 1 | E-mail accounts: 2 | Domain hosting: yes | FTP: Yes FreeHosting.com: Bandwidth: 250GB | Disk Space: 10GB | Ads: No/Yes | Panel: Cpanel | MySQL Databases: 1 | Website: 1 | E-mail accounts: 1 | Domain hosting: yes | FTP: Yes x10Hosting.com: Bandwidth: Unlimited GB | 2 add-on domains, 1 parked domain, and 2 subdomains: Disk Space: 10GB | Ads: No/Yes | Panel: Cpanel | MySQL Databases: 1 | Website: 1 | E-mail accounts: 3 | Domain hosting: yes | FTP: Yes DNS or Domain Name Server is a is a naming system with hierarchical decentralized information that needs to point out servers and specify connection to a location from web browsers and other system. Vital to read information from a hosting server such are or Software or Website Builder (Depends on what you are planning, Forum, Blog, E-commerce or Photography) such website builders as WordPress, PhpBB, Xenforo, Joomla, Bloggers and lot more options to choose from. You can download them from their perspective website or some hosting offers an EASY INSTALL Software Application for non-technical people. Contents of course, What is a website without contents on it. Well, you can post anything on the website with anything you like such as Videos, Forum Posts, Blogs and Other Galleries that you can embed their. Let’s Start & Create Website First things first, Think of something that reflects on your contents and niche. This will give an impact on what you posts. DOMAIN NAME Go to Freenom> Services > Register a New Domain and You will be redirected to Domain Checker (type your desired domain). Freenom is a domain registrar that offers free domain extensions to create website (not to include those top-level domains because you have to purchase them) that will help you get your site online, they offer this kind of extensions ,tk, ml, cl, gz, and more (e.g. myfreesite.tk) – register and choose a domain from their search box. Note: Choose website name in a short and concise word that will be easily recognized by people visiting your site. If you have a plan ranking on Google or getting an Adsense it is more advisable to puchase a top level domain. Once Available, Register your domain by clicking checkout. You will be required to complete your full details on the next page then submit. FREE HOSTING SITE Got to a Hosting Site then Sign Up and Manage to Create an Account. Click on New Account> Enter the domain name you created at Frenenom Website> click Check. Domain Name Servers Copy the Name Servers on your Clipboard and Paste them on the Freenom Website to Point Out the DNS Hosting of your domain Once done registering, It’s time to Point Out the Name Server of your Hosting Site to Freenom NAME SERVERS: Go to your Hosting Account – Infinity Free Website (or own choice of Hosting Site) and Cre Go to your Freenom Domain. Click on Use your own DNS Enter your suggested NAME SERVERS and Paste them on the Use your own DNS tab. Make sure there are no spaces on the field. Once done pasting, Confirm the Period on how long would you like your website be online then click on continue. You will be redirected on the Check Out Page with your provided Details about the payment (don’t worry its free). Remember to fill out everything and check the Terms and Agreement on the buttom part> Click Complete Orders. After that you should be receiving an Order ConfirmationPage but some hosting it requires to verify an Email for the purchase. Software Apps or Website Builders This part is the most easy part because most of hosting sites are already offering and integrating a Free Website Builders or Software. It is recommended for website owners. Go to Control Panel of your Hosting Site. Look for Website Builder or Softaculous App Installer or Look for Create website. Click on the item on Software. You will be redirected to a page of Website installer or One Click Install Software then choose the desired type of script. It will install automatically. After providing database and Root Files on its on You will eventually have your website by its own. Some of the tutorials can be provided by your own. Take a seak peek on it and try. Congratulations and now you can visit your website by it’s domain Web Designs are free to catered such as Drag & Drag Templates and Widgets Oh but lastly you should be having your Own Contents when you create website.CONTENTS Contents may varies on what type of website or niche you are planning as it links to what your domain name is. Well, its free of choice you can have your website running on different pages or posts. If you have done creating tons or several pages or post you might be planning to earn from your website. Monetizing from your website is easy with several Affiliate programs for Publishers that meets some of minimum requirements but if you are passionate enough and serious on earning I recommend you reading about this. You should follow all this step to create website with good quality and menus.
  5. Free VPN/injector for GTM/smart/TnT/Sun.no limit/capping ang thread na ito ay para po sa naghahanap ng VPN/injector at san magagamit. sa ayon wala pa pong update sa No load VPN at injector kung meron man ay bihira lang pero ang thread na ito ay maaring makatulong sa mga gumagamit ng promo. sa Globe promo meron DATA at Freebie gaya ng gowatch,FB at iba pa.depende sa promo na ginamit sa smart at tnt may DATA at freebie na 1.2gb araw-araw na magagamit din sa panonood depende narin po yan sa ginamit nyo na promo. ganun din sa sun. Para sa di pa nakakaalam ang DATA at Freebie ay pweding gamitin bilang regular data hindi lang sa panonood magagamit ang freebie o sa fb lng, gagamit lang tayo ng VPN o injector. sa cap o limit naman hanngang di pa naubos ang data at freebie mo ay may net ka pa rin. Psiphon vpn-vpn na hnd na kelangan ng generated account galing sa mga free server at safe sa network blocking ng mga network lalo na sa smart at tnt masyadong madamot. link https://psiphon.ca/psiphon3.exe - windows https://psiphon.ca/PsiphonAndroid.apk - android https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/psip...3909?ls=1&mt=8 -ios https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/psip...2444?ls=1&mt=8 -ios brwoser injector -free vpn din gaya ng psiphon pero kelangan ng account na makukuha sa mga free server at paidserver hanap lang kayo sa site na to may mga nakapost na mga account. ingat lng sa pag gamit ng injector kasi jan nakaktay minsan ang smart at tnt,sun lalo na sa no load account. link https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...injector&hl=en -android https://sites.google.com/site/httppr...ector/download -windows pass:a-dev1412
  6. ANIMEDLR No ads AnimeDLR is an application that allows you to grab anime, cartoon and drama episodes on streaming sites so you can watch them online (no need to download the episode before watching it) or offline (the episode is downloaded before you can watch it) on your android device. You can keep track of the episodes watched, add series in your favorites.Features:-choose the server where you want to watch or download your anime.-add anime to a download queue.-bookmark your preferred series.-watch your anime online or offline.-MyAnimeList synchronization.AnimeDLR installation1. Turn off your Data or Wifi connection2. Install the App3. Open the App then goto settings uncheck "check for updates"4. Turn wifi/Data on open the app, choose source. Thats it!Links: MediafireCrunchyroll PremiumAmineDLR 3.2.1 Full Release (not Modded)AnimeDLR No Ads

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